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What is Scaffold Archiving for Canvas? 


Scaffold Archiving by K16 Solutions allows Canvas customers to archive course content and student data on an archiving platform that fully integrates with Canvas. Institutions are able to fully back up their access and retrieve content at any time.

No longer will your institution be at risk of security breaches or compliance issues around archiving student data.


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What you get with Scaffold Archiving

An archiving solution that's kept pace with the rest of technology



Full integration with Canvas means you never have to rely on disparate options like cold storage to back up your data.

       Active Archiving

Content and data can easily move back and forth between Scaffold and Canvas with a push of a button.

      Data Retention

Retained student data and content for view, review, or export: enrollment info, submissions, discussions, replies, attachments, assignments, quizzes, feedback, gradebook and more.

      Content Availability

Access to archived content whenever you want–yet secure.



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SMUMN's Archiving Story

Hear from Abe Hedtke, Director of Instructional Technology at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota as he discusses how SMUMN implemented a Canvas-integrated, archiving platform that makes storing and retrieving student data a breeze!


"They consistently asked for feedback on how to make the Scaffold Archiving interface more user friendly. Faculty wanted the ability to bulk download student data from an entire course, and they adjusted their system to provide that option. Having such an openness and the efficiency with which our feedback was integrated was really impressive."
Dr. Scott W. Vann
Director of Academic Learning
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“The content can easily move from Scaffold Archiving back to Canvas. We don’t have to download a cartridge and clean it up later on. Instead, we simply find the course, click a button, and it goes from Scaffold Archiving right over to Canvas. Our archive is now its own version of an LMS where we can easily move content to and from Canvas and Scaffold Archiving."
Abram (Abe) Hedtke
Director of Instructional Technology
“This archive solution worked well because it moved student data over too. It provided us a way to still have our backup data and easily access it in case of grade challenges and assessment data. Technically, you only have 30 days for a grade challenge, so easy access is a must. You normally don’t think about these issues when you migrate, but it’s so important.”
Nadine Edwards
Director of eLearning Services

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