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Medical University of South Carolina Migrates to Brightspace with K16 Solutions

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Archive Student Data on DataArchiving.

Data archiving on a legacy LMS platform is vastly overpriced. Cold storage of historical content is time-consuming and inefficient. With K16 Solutions, administrators can archive course content & student data on the DataArchiving platform at a fraction of the price and access that data quickly and easily at any time. Institutions can finally retire their legacy LMS.


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"When K16 Solutions joined us at the table to discuss the unique challenges around our LMS transition to Canvas, they did not come with a quick-fix to sell us, but rather offer to partner with Rutgers in identifying the issues, developing a solution, and implementing it in a way that would meet the needs of all our stakeholders. Throughout the experience, the K16 team showcased their technical prowess, willingness to collaborate, and most importantly, empathy for our faculty and students."
Charles A. Collick Jr.
Associate Director, IT Accessibility & Instructional Technology
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"The K16 collaboration fixed most of the issues we ran into when we initially tried to migrate without them. This generated a lot of positivity among the faculty. The feedback we were receiving  was much more positive after the K16 migration to Brightspace."
Mary Smith
Instructional Designer
“The team at K16 Solutions went the extra mile to develop an innovative, automated solution for converting our courses from Blackboard Original to Blackboard Ultra that addressed the specific nuances of our online learning context. Moving to Ultra is no mean feat and we feel fortunate to have been able to work with such a strong and responsive team.”

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