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K16 + Instructure-11-30-23

What is Scaffold Migration?


Scaffold Migration is an automated service that extracts all of your content from your current learning management system and quickly moves it to Canvas. Along the way, our highly experienced team can help you update, edit, and improve your courses. Moving content across platforms has never been this simple.


What is Canvas Archiving?


Canvas Archiving allows Canvas customers to archive course content and student data on an archiving platform that fully integrates with Canvas. Institutions can back up, access, and retrieve content at any time–whether its legacy LMS data or existing Canvas data.


Instructure & K16 Solutions Partnership

Instructure and K16 Solutions have teamed up to offer a sophisticated, automated course migration service to Canvas and a Canvas-integrated course archiving solution.

   Scaffold Migration

Canvas Archiving

Scaffold Migration is an automated migration service that allows you to move content from your legacy LMS to Canvas capturing details such as course structure, quizzes, tests, LTI's, and question pools. This service is powered through our proprietary technology and replaces what used to be a manual, resource-intensive process with sophisticated but simple automation.

Canvas Archiving allows Canvas customers to archive course content and student data on an archiving platform that fully integrates with Canvas. Whether it's legacy LMS data or existing Canvas data. Institutions can back up, access, and retrieve content at any time.  No longer will your institution be at risk of security breaches or compliance issues.


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What you get with Canvas Archiving

An archiving solution that's kept pace with the rest of technology.




Full integration with Canvas means you never have to rely on disparate options like cold storage to back up your data.



Content and data can easily move back and forth between K16's proprietary archiving platform and Canvas with a push of a button.



Retained student data and content for view, review, or export: enrollment info, submissions, discussions, replies, attachments, assignments, quizzes, feedback, gradebook and more.



Access to archived content whenever you want–yet secure.



What you get with Scaffold Migration

Migrating course content to Canvas has never been easier.




Migrate to Canvas quickly and easily without the need for traditional, manual, common cartridge exports and copy-paste processes.



Migrating course content happens in real-time. Transfer your courses to Canvas in days or weeks, not months or years.



Migrated courses are delivered in a ready-to-teach format in Canvas on day one. QA features ensure the content arrives accurately and maintains its full integrity within Canvas.



A migration service that's powered with sophisticated technology.



Migration & Archiving

The University of Memphis Migrates 27,000 Courses & Archives 3 Years' Worth of Data


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Seminole State College of Florida archives 40,000 courses with new Canvas Archiving solution


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Migration & Archiving

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota migrates with K16 Solutions and archives 21,000 courses 


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"K16 Solutions did a phenomenal job. In January, when faculty logged in to get started, the courses we migrated looked just like they had in Brightspace; we received a lot of great feedback from faculty about the course content coming over with no issues.”
Dr. Scott Vann
Director of Academic Learning Support
Seminole State - 250 x150
"We needed a way to back up and secure our course content and data–and that’s what we got. With Canvas Archiving powered by K16 Solutions, we can secure our student data, stay compliant, and remain in good standing for accreditation purposes."
Sam Kelly
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“The content can easily move from Canvas Archiving back to Canvas LMS. We don’t have to download a cartridge and clean it up later on. Instead, we simply find the course, click a button, and it goes from the Archiving platform right over to Canvas."
Abe Hedtke
Director of Instructional Technology

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