Want to see what course content can look like in your new LMS?

See your courses migrated with our baseline definitions in a free demo.

We’ll be able to demo:

  • Initial presentation of your courses in the new LMS
  • Content translations
  • Custom solutions for pieces left behind in traditional migration

Fill out the form and our team will reach out to determine your LMS needs and review the access + sample course requirements needed to build out your SystemMigration demo.


This demo is completely free with no-strings-attached.

You can discuss all of your migration needs either by email or in a quick kickoff call for us to get started. Once we have all necessary access, the demo itself will be a 30-minute call.

What You Get With Scaffold Migration

Automated Process

Migrate courses quickly and easily without the need for traditional, manual, common cartridge exports, and copy-paste processes.

Speed of Delivery

Migrating course content happens in real-time. Transfer your courses to your destination LMS in days or weeks, not months or years.

Ready-to-Teach Courses

Migrated courses are ready to teach in the new platform on day one. Creates a better and consistent experience for students, staff, and faculty.

What Customers Are Saying

"When K16 Solutions joined us at the table to discuss the unique challenges around our LMS transition to Canvas, they did not come with a quick-fix to sell us, but rather offer to partner with Rutgers in identifying the issues, developing a solution, and implementing it in a way that would meet the needs of all our stakeholders. Throughout the experience, the K16 team showcased their technical prowess, willingness to collaborate, and most importantly, empathy for our faculty and students."
Charles A. Collick Jr.
Associate Director, IT Accessibility & Instructional Technology
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"The K16 collaboration fixed most of the issues we ran into when we initially tried to migrate without them. This generated a lot of positivity among the faculty. The feedback we were receiving was much more positive after the K16 migration."
Mary Smith
Instructional Designer
CSU Fullerton
"CSU Fullerton partnered with K16 Solutions for the development of Moodle integrations with their proprietary platform. Once the integration project was completed, we were able to begin moving courses in bulk from Moodle to Canvas and have already moved well over 10,000 courses with another large batch planned before the end of the year. Using an automated solution like Scaffold Migration has saved our faculty and staff countless hours that would have been spent transferring and repairing course content"
Dr. Amir Dabirian
VP for IT/CIO, California State University,