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K16 Solutions helps universities and colleges that use Moodle, Blackboard, Brightspace, and Sakai make the move to Canvas.


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Instructure & K16 Solutions Partnership

Instructure and K16 Solutions have teamed up to make migrating to Canvas easier than ever - with Scaffold Migration & Scaffold Archiving


Scaffold Migration Scaffold Archiving

Scaffold Migration by K16 Solutions is an automated migration service that allows you to move online content from your legacy LMS to Canvas in real-time, capturing details such as course structure, quizzes, tests, and even question pools.

Scaffold Archiving by K16 Solutions allows administrators to archive course content & student data at a fraction of the price and access that data quickly and easily at any time. Institutions can finally retire their legacy LMS.


Move me to Canvas! 

What You Get With Scaffold Migration


Automated Process

Migrate to Canvas quickly and easily without the need for traditional, manual, common cartridge exports and copy-paste processes.

Speed of Delivery

Migrating course content happens in real time. Transfer your courses to Canvas in days or weeks, not months or years.

Ready-to-Teach Courses

Migrated courses are ready to teach in Canvas on day one. Creates a better and consistent experience for students, staff, and faculty.

Migration + Archiving = Total Solution

Archive Student Data With Scaffold Archiving.


Data archiving on a legacy LMS platform is vastly overpriced. Cold storage of historical content is time-consuming and inefficient. With K16 Solutions, administrators can archive student data & course content with Scaffold Archiving at a fraction of the price and access that data quickly and easily at any time. Institutions can finally retire their legacy LMS.


What You Get With Scaffold Archiving


Full integration with Canvas allowing you to easily push content and data from the archives to your LMS.

Content Availability

Access to archived content whenever you want–and retain the option of migrating it in the future.


A significantly more cost-effective price than any other solution you'll find on the market.

Data Retention

Retained student data and content for view, review, or export: enrollment info, submissions, discussions, replies, attachments, assignments, quizzes, feedback, gradebook, and more.


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Migration & Archiving Resources



Heriot-Watt University Migrates to Canvas from Blackboard with K16, and Saves Money


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Saint Mary's University migrates with K16 Solutions and archives 21,000 courses 


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The University of Memphis Migrates 27,000 Courses & Archives 3 Years' Worth of Data


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Infographic on K16 Solutions migration and archiving services for Canvas customers


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"When K16 Solutions joined us at the table to discuss the unique challenges around our LMS transition to Canvas, they did not come with a quick-fix to sell us, but rather offer to partner with Rutgers in identifying the issues, developing a solution, and implementing it in a way that would meet the needs of all our stakeholders. Throughout the experience, the K16 team showcased their technical prowess, willingness to collaborate, and most importantly, empathy for our faculty and students."
Charles A. Collick Jr.
Associate Director, IT Accessibility & Instructional Technology
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“K16 turns their in-depth knowledge into practical solutions quickly. I’ve yet to find something they can’t do. They exceeded in terms of service management and have been super-responsive almost any time of day. They’ve been a lifesaver. What could have been a complex activity turned out to be a straightforward and smooth process.”
Dave Baskill
Project Manager
"CSU Fullerton partnered with K16 Solutions for the development of Moodle integrations. Once the integration project was completed, we were able to begin moving courses in bulk from Moodle to Canvas and have already moved well over 10,000 courses with another large batch planned before the end of the year. Using an automated solution like Scaffold Migration has saved our faculty and staff countless hours that would have been spent transferring and repairing course content."
Amir Dabirian
Vice President for IT/CIO

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